Progress is happiness. This Website will eventually become a hub for all difficulty and skill focused games. Primarily focusing on terraria for the beginning, (one of the hardest games on earth if you play high end difficulty.) there is a lot of work to be done with the server and such yet.. when completed ill transition yet again into a new area. it will incorporate Street Fighter, and Geo-Dash in the not to far future with some VR potentials ive seen that look really nice.


Of course it will be rife with my true passion… Art.

It is hard to make any headway regarding exposure. trust me I know. The effort involved to come just this far is more than some will make in their entire lifetime..  So, I also offer this place to any persons that dare to dream big. Its not all about Sash. It never was. If you want a page here to call your own, Then let me know and we will put your skills on display.

One of us is never as bad ass as all of us.