the tumble weed does not tumble in the desert. Even the wind itself seems to have just vanished.

Silence. No one is to be seen. Yet there is someone here.. You cannot see this person.. She will not allow it. Although Sash is quite pretty, its more about safety than self consciousness. She stays invis..
practically impossible to kill. No one is stupid enough to test the theory. And those that were stupid enough? Well..
After dying thousands of times to almost every horror in existence, Her soul is a void. THE VOID. A sad side effect produced by thousands of lifetimes worth of combat. Such an existence is not without its perks. Sash is unrivalled in almost every way. solitude envelops her, an eternal partner that whines for attention…

Lightning strikes. Constant flashes reveal her surroundings. a weird bug floats its way through the torrential downpour and pleasantly distracts her in the moment. She returns her gaze forward…Space ripples around her as she blinks. Then shes away. The fabric of spacetime folds to her will. for a cost of course. within less than a second 3 fully battle hard Veterans are erased. Veterans huh…. she snorts softly in disproval. 2 to go. They all look and act the complete part. most claim to have taken out… whatever… nothing impresses her anymore. they all die. all just.. Rookies.
She snaps out of it and chides herself.. never underestimate an opponent. ever. sash will do absolutely anything not to die again. she will eventually die. no one is that lucky.. an eternity of flawless existence? no.. an eternity cursed.

(sashs death)

she rematerializes randomly somewhere… there are no boundaries. once she even phased in to the core of a pulsar merger just as they went super nova. that particular bad roll of the die changed her. permanently. its what she fears most.
the edge of all edges.became the endless expansion.
sash has died like no other being ever has or will. and is cursed to forever do so.
sleep is but a daydream from long ago.
in saying that she is also a master of the dark ethereal arts. as for speed? she is so blindingly quick,
standard optics don’t see her in the slightest and some say she is just a myth. most say a children’s tale at best. probably to prevent young terrarians from harming others..
no assassin will ever equal her unreal lifetimes of destruction. many eons have passed.
she has taken so many lives that if their corpses were to all be stacked,
the volume would certainly collapse into a rather bright G type Star of around 2 solar masses.
as a massive contrast she is extremely protective and kind to innocent life.
she will defend those who cannot defend themselves. after such pain
she is extremely empethatic. so much so.. she is willing to…. risk a horror of a death like the nova that sprayed her across the stellar medium with ruthless competency…


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