This is going to happen. ill pay for the prize if i must. so prepare yourselves. organising battles is not new to me. consider it done already.


speaking of pay, i do need your help. yes. i really do. I have set up a go fund me monthly hardcore tournament campaign. the prize? a game of the winners choice from steam or a 50 dollar gift card from some obscure weird shop. or even more depending on donations. all donations towards the tournament will remain as such in all ways.honesty is the one value i do have. the rest of me is not so flash.  ahaha.but as i was saying, a 5 dollar donation will go along way. i do all of this for free. and invest money. this is not a sales pitch its a seruious attempt to create a sustained pro scene in terraria. why it has none has always confused me to no end.  steams 20th most played game ever. 20 MILLION games sold and then some, yet there is no competitive or pro scene…  i think i can make this happen. but i need your help. donate here! or, send me a message if you think of anything else you could help out with! id appreciate it a lot.

registration will open in the next 7 days.

link below: